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29 Jan 2010

Author Kaya McCarthy

AASCA National Championships

AASCA National Championships

The Australian National championships are on this weekend, kicking off this Friday 29th January. They are being held at the Gold Coast convention centre, Broadbeach, Queensland. The competitions being staged include - The Australian Barista, latte art and coffee cupping championship, Coffee in good spirits, and the National roasting competition. Read more...

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27 Jan 2010

Author Anna

Coffee second only to oil? Is coffee really the second largest commodity?

I recently read this interesting article by Mark Pendergrast, which questions the often recited statement that “coffee is the second most traded commodity in the world……”

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23 Jan 2010

Author Euro Lumb

Roasted in WA – Blackburn Estate and San Emilio Pulped Natural

Roasted in WA – Blackburn Estate and San Emilio Pulped Natural

Our roasters Simon Dimattina and Joe Garzo are very pleased to present two outstanding single origins for the month of February, Tanzanian Blackburn Estate and Salvadorian San Emilio Pulped Natural. Both these coffees are available in strictly limited quantities from our Osborne Park café or shipped directly to your door. For mail order please call 08 9244 9377 or email Read more...

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13 Jan 2010

Author Dimattina Coffee

Barista Minore III – Special Offer

Barista Minore III – Special Offer

The Barista Minore III is a great machine excellently priced.

It has a recommended retail price of $2805, but for February & March we are offering some special bonuses with every purchase – as well as the regular goodies.

Normally for $2,805 we will provide the Barista Minore III, a coffee school voucher ($150), milk jugs and a $100 Dimattina Coffee Voucher, but for a very limited time we will also throw in an Iberital Challenge On Demand Grinder.

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12 Jan 2010

Author Robert Dimattina

Banisu Elementary School Project

Banisu Elementary School Project

Sales from Dimattina Coffee’s Prima Tazza blend have been funding community development projects in the coffee growing region around Wau in the Morobe province of Papua New Guinea from the beginning of 2008. By paying a premium on coffee produced in this region, which forms an important part of the Prima Tazza blend, Dimattina Coffee is able to directly re-invest this premium into the local community.

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