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31 Mar 2015

Author Dimattina

Melbourne International Coffee Expo 2015

Melbourne International Coffee Expo 2015

The Melbourne International Coffee Expo (or MICE) is to coffee professionals and hipsters what Mecca is to Muslims; a holy pilgrimage to a city renowned the world over for its art, culture and of course coffee.  Melbourne is truly the perfect setting for an event such as MICE. Down every graffiti encrusted alleyway you are almost guaranteed to find a small semi-secret cafe slinging some of the best brews you've ever had. Just walking down the main streets in the CBD I would overhear snippets of conversation relating to the latest single origin on offer at the coolest new spot. Even businessmen and women rushing off to meetings proudly carry their hand-stamped takeaway cups bearing names such as Axil and Code Black; in Melbourne the type of coffee you drink is worn like a badge of honour. For Melbournians coffee is more than a drink, it is a social scene, a Bohemia, even a subculture; for many (including myself) it is an obsession.

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