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Colombia La Jacoba

Colombia La Jacoba

“Coffee grown in the black volcanic soil, amongst the green tropical canopy, under the golden sun.”  - La Jacoba Maxim

La Jacoba coffee comes from the small town of Union in Colombia’s Narino state.  It is owned and operated by a local farmer’s cooperative named ASPROUNION; a pioneering company with a passion for their product.  The farmers of Union, faced with declining coffee prices and the constant cloud of political instability, decided to take their future into their own hands.  A young post-graduate student named Mauricio Velasquez pitched a radical new plan to the farmers whereby he would travel to Australia and sell the coffee directly to the roasters.  This was such a break from tradition that it was met with some uneasiness but eventually Mauricio was given the green light and found his way to Dimattina’s doorstep.  We were so blown away with the quality of La Jacoba’s coffee and Mauricio’s passion that we just had to add it to our coffee arsenal.  We intend to continue this relationship long into the future.

We have been working with Mauricio for a couple of years now and La Jacoba still remains one of our absolute favourite coffees!  The orange, almond and sugarcane notes that dominate the palate are complimented nicely by a smooth caramel and milk chocolate finish.

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