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Training baristas in the  fine art of coffee making. Coffee is an educational journey and  we’d love to share our knowledge with you. Direct and Fairtrade coffee initiatives ensuring  a better deal for all our coffee producers. Our family has been roasting coffee since 1958  – we’re up to our third generation in coffee. Dimattina Coffee. The overall winner at  the 2011/2012 CSR Golden Bean awards.


FTO2 - Fair Trade Organic Blend

FTO2 - Fair Trade Organic Blend

Combining coffees from Colombia, Honduras & Sumatra, this coffee has wonderfully clean characteristics, with initial fruity tones, this coffee has a great combination of richness and sweetness. It has balanced acidity, with the Sumatran coffee providing some great spice and chocolate undertones.

Fairtrade coffee ensures farmers get a fair deal.

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$42.00 (AUD)