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Training baristas in the  fine art of coffee making. Coffee is an educational journey and  we’d love to share our knowledge with you. Direct and Fairtrade coffee initiatives ensuring  a better deal for all our coffee producers. Our family has been roasting coffee since 1958  – we’re up to our third generation in coffee. Dimattina Coffee. The overall winner at  the 2011/2012 CSR Golden Bean awards.


Barista School


Learning how to make the perfect coffee is a challenging task. That’s why at Dimattina Coffee we offer a full range of courses covering all aspects of coffee and It’s proper preparation.

With our hands-on training you will learn the art of extracting the perfect shot of espresso as well as how to correctly steam milk so you can avoid making your coffee too weak, bitter, hot or cold.

By the end of our tuition you will be able to make cappuccinos, caffe lattes, flat whites, macchiatos, mochas, ristrettos and long blacks with complete confidence.

You will also learn crucial cleaning and maintenance procedures for the espresso machine and coffee grinder including how to find faults and what to do to correct them.

And just because too much information is never enough, we also provide an overview on coffee origins, history, culture, selecting, taste profile, buying, grind variations and storage.

Current courses include basic, advanced milk texturing, latte art, and grinder workshops.

Cupping sessions, coffee appreciation sessions and other tailored workshops are available by appointment.


For more information or to make a course booking please contact our office.