“We are all mad here…”

The words that adorn the entryway to Aunty Cath’s Café in WA’s Helena Valley serves as both a light-hearted greeting and tongue-in-cheek warning to all who enter.  For those expecting a cookie-cutter café experience, keep walking; if you’re looking for fun banter, friendly un-pretentious service and tasty home-cooked local meals then this is the place for you!


Cath Clohessy began Aunty Cath’s five years ago with her mother Joan.  Together they have built, not just a café, but a thriving community hub where locals can gather, catch up on the latest gossip and have a good time.  Aunty Cath’s is first and foremost a place to relax; a place where you can unwind and have a yarn with the staff (and they will most definitely yarn back!).  Having recently undergone a major renovation, the décor is very much in line with its country vibe.  A beautiful hardwood counter stretches around the service area upon which sits a brand new Crem Ex-3 coffee machine (one of the first of its kind in WA).  There is also a fully stocked ice-cream fridge from famed Margaret River ice-creamery Simmo’s for good measure!

Speaking of the food, Cath and Joan are strong believers in local produce and showcasing what the region has to offer.  One of the crowd favourites is Joan’s home-cooked Burmese Curry.  These have become so popular that Cath keeps a stash out back in the fridge for customers to take home for dinner.  If you’re more in the mood for classic Aussie fare then you definitely can’t go past the beef and bacon burger, a staple of Cath’s menu and hugely popular among the regulars.


One of the great things we noticed while visiting was the level of care and attention given to each and every customer.  Everyone who entered was greeted by name, coffee orders were recited from memory and smiles were exchanged all around; this is the kind of service that (sadly) you don’t see in cafes often enough.  “This is us.” Cath explains.  The café, the community, the food, everything is a reflection of Cath’s personality and passion for what she does – and it’s working.  Despite everything that’s been thrown at the hospitality industry this year, Aunty Cath’s is thriving.  To the locals, Aunty Cath’s is not just a café, it’s a relaxing and safe space away from home, away from work and away from the pressures of the wider world.  Be sure to stop by this beautiful Helena Valley icon soon!


Address: 164A Scott St, Helena Valley, WA

Opening Hours: 7am – 2pm 7 days


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