Sometimes a name says it all.

Coffee Geek has been slinging excellent Dimattina coffee in South Yarra for over a year now and hasn’t missed a beat!  Family owned and operated, Coffee Geek strives to maintain the highest standards in quality, consistency and service in the increasingly competitive world of specialty coffee.  “We are continually perfecting our brewing techniques with every method we have.” says owner Yuwandi Buntarja.  Numerous brewing devices are employed regularly including batch brew, Kalita pourover and of course espresso.  Coffee Geek showcases not one, not two, but three different blends (two for espresso and one for filter) as well as rotating single origins; truly a coffee geek’s playground!

A Wega Greenline (with precision Pesado portafilters) and Mythos One grinder is Coffee Geek’s equipment of choice; the temperature stability of the Greenline paired with the dosing consistency of the Mythos gives Coffee Geek’s baristas ultimate control over their brews.  Yuwandi further elaborates on their consistency “For consistency there are two things that we do: first, we invest in the right tools for the job.  And second, we are constantly engaging with Dimattina, who provide a service that goes beyond simply selling roasted coffee.”

If you’re after a great cup of coffee, be it espresso or something a bit different, made with passion and consistency, look no further than Coffee Geek in South Yarra!

Coffee Geek Brewers – 81 Davis Avenue, South Yarra, Victoria
Open: Monday to Friday 7am – 3pm
Closed: Weekends and Public Holidays



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