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Basic Barista Course

At Dimattina Coffee we believe in teaching up-to-date techniques relevant to both new baristas and those needing to brush up their skills. This three hour workshop has a strong emphasis on espresso preparation and the development of consistent house-blend recipes; the course is focussed towards achieving good espresso flavour balance and furthering time management skills. Our core training covers: understanding roasted coffee, extraction of espresso, milk texturing and pouring methods, industry standard beverage styles and machine and grinder cleaning.

Duration: 3 hours

Domestic Barista Course

Espresso coffee is not limited to what we drink in cafes. Many people purchase high quality espresso equipment for home or office use and need some guidance in producing a great cup. The domestic course is a simplified, more condensed version of the Barista Basics course aimed at supporting those who don’t have a hospitality background.

Duration: 1.5 hours

Limited Guidance Practice Time

For those who have completed our Barista Basics course and need a bit more quality time on current espresso machinery. Come in and spend some time brushing up on your newly learnt barista skills by having an hour of uninterrupted time to extract espresso, texture milk and pour beverages. Included in the price is roasted coffee, milk and all the equipment needed to practice, practice, practice!

Duration: 1 hour


30 Kerr St,
VIC 3065
Ph: 03 9416 2077

Barista Basics

Learn and practice your skill in an interactive class using commercial coffee machines and grinders. Topics covered include: coffee origins, grinder settings, equipment maintenance, milk texturing and coffee menu selection.

Duration: 2 hours

Introduzione Al Caffe

Learn the history and origins of coffee. Practice making different styles of coffee and milk texturing. Topics include: coffee storage, bean purchasing and guidance on upgrading your home coffee equipment.

Duration: 2 hours

Room To Cup (Lab)

This class explores the fundamentals of coffee cupping using industry standards outlined by the Specialty Coffee Association of America (SCAA). It teaches processes and techniques to improve your coffee appreciation and analysis. Located in our intimate cupping lab, this course is suited to both coffee professionals and beginners alike.

Duration: 2 hours



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