“The name ‘Little Lion’ is a metaphor for bravery; something these kids have in abundance.”

Dimattina Coffee has been a strong supporter of the Perth Children’s Hospital Foundation (formerly PMH Foundation) for many years now and when the opportunity arose to contribute in a more direct and meaningful way, director Simon Dimattina and Head Roaster Joe Garzo leapt at the chance.  Little Lion Café is situated on the ground floor in the new Perth Children’s Hospital and focusses on catering to the children and families unfortunate enough to have to spend time in hospital.  The décor is a fun and interesting jungle theme with an illuminated colour-changing ‘tree’ taking pride of place in the café’s centre.  While the space is open and inviting, it has been designed in such a way as to offer areas with a certain amount of privacy for people wanting a bit of peace and quiet.

Given the nature of the café, being able to provide healthy, nutritious food options is extremely important and Little Lion takes its role seriously.  Salads and healthy rolls are made fresh daily on site and changed frequently, so long-term patients and their families have a bit of variety.  Two soup options are also available through the colder months and home-cooked style meals such as lasagne and are also available.  Sweets and cakes are also plentiful (for when you need that extra little treat).

One of the most important aspects of Little Lion is the coffee, not just for visitors, but for the thousands of staff members that make PCH the welcoming place that it is.  Pumping out Dimattina’s Easy St blend, rotating single origins, batch brew and nitro cold brew, the staff at PCH can enjoy a true specialty coffee experience without leaving the building; a welcome escape for people who perform some of the most important work imaginable.

Dimattina is proud to be able to be a part of the daily operation of the modern marvel that is PCH and the people who work there.  In keeping with the nature of the hospital, a percentage of all proceeds are donated back to the PCH Foundation.


3 thoughts on “Little Lion Coffee – WA”

  1. Cathy Brzeski says:

    Hello there, i am a staff member working at Perth Children’s Hospital. I just wanted to send some feedback about the excellent staff working at Little Lion Cafe. The staff are hard working, friendly & accommodating, they go above and beyond for customers & staff and patients. They are truly gems and should be complimented on their customer service & positive attitude.

  2. Michelle says:

    I’m an exhausted parent with a very sick child and cane down to the Little lion Coffee shop for a little break and unfortunately was confronted with the most rudest girl on staff. Time 3.40pm Wednesday 4/9.  Thanks for putting me in tears when all I wanted was a coffee and something to eat as I hadn’t eaten all day after spending it by my kids bedside. 

    1. Alecia Thompson says:

      Hi Michelle,

      Please accept our sincere apology. We’ll follow up with all our staff and follow up personally via email with more detail. It’s very important to us that we provide a high standard of customer service and we regret that you had such a bad experience. It’s something we’ll strive to improve on.

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