Very shortly we’re going to be making some changes. Don’t worry, we’re not changing our blends, we’re just giving them a facelift! Very soon we will be renaming a few of our favourite blends to give them a fresh new look.  Don’t get us wrong, we love our Grande Tazza, La Tazza, Espresso Bar, FTO2 and Mocharoma, but we figured it was time to shake things up a bit.  The coffee itself will still be the exact same beans you know and love, roasted exactly the same way with the same passion and care going into every bag; we’ll just be calling them something else. We’re so excited to be able to reveal the new names for some of our most cherished blends:

Grande Tazza > Bright Eyes

One of the things we love about coffee is it’s ability to keep the brain going long after our bodies have checked out; in fact the caffeine in coffee is what first catapulted it to global fame as a ‘wonder drug’ as far back as the 18th century.  As one of our most approachable blends with ties to both traditional Italian and contemporary Australian styles, we chose to name it simply ‘Bright Eyes’ to encapsulate both the feeling of bliss and the magical energy boost you get from your morning coffee.


La Tazza > Mr. Dynamite

La Tazza has always been one of our punchiest coffees; it’s big, loud and has a lot of soul! So we thought, why not rename it in honour of the king of soul, the late, great James Brown.  Brown earned the nickname ‘Mr. Dynamite’ due to his overwhelming popularity and his ability to consistently generate hits. La Tazza has been a staple of Dimattina since the beginning and will continue to charm the masses for many years to come as Mr. Dynamite.


Espresso Bar > Ronnie’s

It is a little-known fact that beneath Dimattina’s South Melbourne Café and Showroom is a cozy little basement. The site of many private functions, staff parties and the occasional business meeting, is decorated with many eclectic photographs and paraphernalia that reflect company Director Paul Dimattina’s love for the classic rock of the 1960’s. The aptly named ‘Ronnie’s Room’ is an homage to Sir Ronnie Wood of the Rolling Stones (whose portrait graces the entrance). Espresso Bar is the ultimate ‘classic rock’ blend. We couldn’t think of any better way to tie it to Dimattina’s history than through the room that has housed so many great memories.


Mocharoma > Little Hill

Life is all about overcoming obstacles, big and small. And while things can get tough sometimes, one thing is always constant; coffee. For us, Mocharoma has always been a gentle reminder that even when we’re faced with mountains of stress, coffee makes everything bearable. After coffee, all those mountains seem like Little Hills in comparison.


Gusto Oro > Hyper Hyper

Gusto Oro has always been a coffee full of variety that is packed with an intense upfront and light creamy finish. On the lighter side but still packing punch Hyper Hyper seems a the perfect name for this blend which has all the elements for a light and fun kickstart to your day.


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