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A juicy and vibrant coffee from south-central Colombia.

Eduart Daza is a second generation coffee producer who inherited his father’s farm ‘Las Brisas’ in 2012.  The oldest of three brothers, Eduart believes that coffee has been a blessing for his family, even more so since he began growing specialty coffee.  An ongoing issue in Colombia (and other coffee producing countries) is the increasing average age of producers.  Oftentimes the younger generation see coffee production as a ‘dead-end’ job with little to no prospects for future growth; Eduart has bucked the trend and chosen to continue his father’s legacy by branching out into specialty.  Not only does specialty coffee provide a higher price for his coffee, but it also comes with the implementation of sustainable practices, new processing techniques and international connections that allow Eduart and his family to thrive.  This particular lot is a washed Castillo (a very sustainable and disease resistant variety) and works beautifully with any brew method.  In the cup you can expect an overall tropical tasting coffee with notes of orange, pineapple and passionfruit.