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If you think you know decaf coffee, think again!

‘Decaf’ is one of those words that comes with its own stigma.  It is all too common to assume that coffee must contain caffeine to have a purpose; it is our hope that this amazing Swiss Water Process coffee by Gelgelu Edemi starts to challenge that assumption.  Most decaffeinated coffee is considered an after-thought; something that every café has to have but little care is given toward it’s quality.  With Gelgelu’s natural process Ethiopian coffee, we are able to present a stunning example of what decaf can taste like when given the proper care and attention that it deserves.  Decaf is exactly the same as regular caffeinated coffee (any coffee can be decaffeinated) that has simply undergone an extra stage of processing.  With the Swiss Water method, caffeine is gently extracted using only filtered water and a solution made from green coffee extract (a natural by-product of washing green coffee).  With Gelgelu’s coffee, the process has left the inherent flavour characteristics largely intact and we are still able to discern beautiful blueberry, prune, lemon and marzipan notes even when served with milk.  This outstanding coffee is in limited supply so if you’re thinking about giving decaf a second chance, now’s the time!