Putting the control in your hands to explore and adjust the flavour of your espresso. The R60V features a pressure profiling system which means you can try the same coffee on countless profiles and experience the transformation in flavour that comes with each.

  • A dual boiler model offering the ability to increase or decrease the temperatures independently within each boiler
  • A programmable pressure profiling system offering 3 settings with the option of 5 pressure stages in each
  • Each R60V has its own wifi connection so that you can connect to the Rocket R60V App and program machine settings via a wireless connection as well as the electronic display
  • Shot timer and sensor light on the pump pressure gauge to indicate when the profile is complete


Want to know more…

As we learn more about coffee, from processing at the farm through to pouring an espresso, we also desire the ability to experiment and test these boundaries for ourselves. The variable pump pressure on offer with the R60V has three available profiles that can be set with five stages in each. It is possible to program settings for both the time intervals and the pump pressure in correlation with each other.

The introduction of the Rocket Espresso Communication Pod allows adjustments to be made via a remote controller or through the machine Wi-Fi system which will display real time temperatures, pressures and extraction times.

The dual boiler system offers not only great temperature stability but the opportunity to adjust temperatures to suit particular roast profiles or bean characteristics. Paired with the commercial grade components of the E61 style group head and rotary pump this prosumer machine will work with you to fine tune the espresso experience.


Technical Specifications:

  • Rotary pump with programmable pressure profiling system offering 3 settings with the option to set 5 stages of varying pressure
  • Dual Boiler System – Brew Boiler 0.58 Litres and Steam Boiler 1.8 Litres
  • Shot timer
  • Ability to connect to main water line or run from the 2.5 Litre reservoir
  • E61 Style Group head
  • Detachable Rocket communication pod which connects to the Wi-Fi of the R60V unit to make adjustments to the units settings
  • PID temperature controlled with the ability to increase or decrease temperatures to both boilers
  • Cool touch steam arm
  • 10amp /1400 watts
  • Dimensions (w x d x h) mm 310 x 440 x 390
  • Weight 29.5 kg