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Last year we were so privileged to be able to taste this spectacular Geisha we had to make sure it was part of our line-up for 2019!

There’s something about the Geisha variety that stops people in their tracks.  It could be the intense florals and lingering sweetness, the vibrant acidity and creamy mouthfeel or it could simply be that (for most people) it doesn’t taste how a ‘coffee’ should taste.  Geisha’s are a shining example of what coffee can be when all hands involved in the process pour their passion into it.  This small lot from Las Alasitas in Bolivia is the result of countless hours of meticulous harvesting, processing, cup tasting, roasting and brewing.  Las Alasitas is owned by Pedro Rodriguez, an ex-accountant who started pioneering Bolivian specialty coffee fifteen years ago when he started Agricafe, a business that produces coffee and assists other producers with their specialty coffee program.  In this amazing cup you will find the hallmarks of Geisha: jasmine, bergamot, mandarin but also unusual florals and sweetness like Turkish delight and rockmelon.  A truly spectacular coffee best enjoyed as a black filter style beverage.