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A unique micro lot unlike anything you’ve ever tried before!

Every once in a while a coffee makes its way onto our cupping table that blows everything else away; this fantastic micro lot from Colombian producer Danilo Perez is one of those coffees!  Produced from only the ripest caturra cherries, this coffee is processed using a method called carbonic maceration (originally a wine-making technique).  The coffee is pulped and fermented inside plastic Grainpro sacks (the industry standard sack for coffee transportation) for around 200 hours.  Carbon dioxide is pumped into the sack to stimulate fermentation and create and anaerobic (oxygen-free) environment.  While this technique is labour intensive, the resulting coffee is extremely complex and balanced.  Danilo has been producing natural processed coffees since 2018 when he set up a processing station in Garzon, Huila with our import partners Cofinet.  Ever since Danilo has been fascinated with the relatively new (for Colombia at least) world of experimental natural processing; Las Guacanas is a fine example of the strides he has made in such a short amount of time.  In the cup you can expect to find huge amounts of rich dark chocolate notes, ripe cranberries and juicy mango.  This coffee just keeps on giving and its sweetness and complexity improve drastically as it cools.  Whether you drink filter style, espresso or milk-based coffee, you need to try this one!