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Providing the best coffee to venues throughout NSW

At Dimattina, we are constantly sourcing new and exciting single origin coffees from growing regions all over the world. Our mandate is to find the most exotic and exceptional coffees the world has to offer and, in turn, share them with our customers.


Whether you like vibrant single origins or smooth blends, our specialty coffee provides a superior experience for all our customers.


From high quality espresso machines, filter equipment and grinders, our cafe equipment will give you the exceptional performance you need for perfecting your craft.


Learning how to make a great cup of coffee takes time. Our training programs are designed to arm you with knowledge, inspire passion and give you a friendly space to hone your skills.

Service Areas

We started up wholesale in NSW in 2016 and although we’re mainly focused as coffee suppliers in Sydney, we’re here to meet the coffee needs of the whole state. Our expert knowledge and passion for the coffee industry runs deep and we strive to share our experience with our wholesale clientele to ensure they’re well equipped to provide a superb service.

The cafe and coffee culture in Sydney is part of the lifeblood of the city. Supplying high quality specialty blends and a constantly rotating arsenal of single origin coffee to our clientele is essential for helping them make their mark on the scene, and in keeping the standard of coffee to a high level. Dimattina are always here to help with all your coffee-related needs. As coffee wholesalers in Sydney, Dimattina covers the Sydney Basin from the Shire in the south, spanning west to Penrith and north up to the Hawkesbury region.

Customer Testimonials


"We partnered with Dimattina Coffee over a decade ago and their support has always been available to me when I need it. Our coffee is loved by our locals, and has continued to grow since we opened our doors. What started as a business partnership, has since evolved into a true friendship. That speaks volumes to me, and marks the traits of a premium supplier."

Customer Testimonials

Leah, Assistant Venue Manager, Manly Wine

"At Dimattina, we are constantly sourcing new and exciting single origin coffees from growing regions all over the world. Our mandate is to find the most exotic and exceptional coffees the world has to offer and, in turn, share them with our customers."

Customer Testimonials

Hendry, Owner, Cafe Ventotto

"We have been working with Dimattina as our coffee wholesaler in Surry Hills since taking over Cafe Ventotto. They always provide consistent coffee with very high standards. Dimattina never fail to provide amazing support and products for our store. We could not be happier with their service."

Customer Testimonials

Andy, Kikko Cafe

"We were introduced to Dimattina Coffee by chance and after a few conversations, decided to work with them to help Kikko Cafe explore new potential. It has been 3 months since making that decision. As the owner of Kikko, I can say, the decision we made choosing Dimattina as our coffee partner is absolutely correct! Positive customer feedback and instant responses from Dimattina’s end, I truly feel thankful for my choice."

Customer Testimonials

Prabs, Venue Manager, Kingsleys Woolloomooloo

"We’ve been using Dimattina as our coffee brand for over 3 years now here at Kingsleys Woolloomooloo. The coffee is consistently of a high standard with that freshly roasted aroma, rich crema and a smooth finish. Our guests love the coffee and the staff can’t get enough of it. Mike and the team are true professionals in their field that offer amazing products and look after their clients."

Specialist Cafe Services


The provision and upkeep of espresso making equipment is extremely important; that’s why we have our own in house service team to repair and maintain your machines and grinders. Our technicians keep extensive records for each of our customers and regularly engage in preventative maintenance to ensure that your machine is always running at optimum efficiency. We deal with a wide variety of manufacturers including big names like La Marzocco, Expobar and San Remo; we are confident we can meet any of your equipment needs.

Free Training

At Dimattina we have three dedicated training schools and provide onsite training for the continued education of our clients.

We have three courses to choose from:

Foundation Barista

Latte Art

Manual Brewing

All courses are free of charge for Dimattina’s wholesale clientele. See the training section of our website for more details.

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